Who are we?

Since 1991, Rusinek & Associates Inc, Licensed Insolvency Trustee has been licensed and regulated by the federal government to ensure that the care and attention you receive is at the highest standard.

Licensed Insolvency Trustee in Toronto Canada

Our two licensed insolvency trustees, Dr. Jacques (Jojo) Rusinek LIT and Patrick Bloomfield LIT, CIRP are recognized as experts in the field of debt solutions. A Licensed Insolvency Trustee is the only professional that can file consumer proposals and bankruptcies in Canada. Lawyers cannot carry out this role.  And debt-settlement companies are not able to either.  

Our Expertise

We are recognized as experts in the insolvency (debt) field.

We have helped tens of thousands of people regain control of their financial lives.

We do not work for the banks as agents (receivers).  We ensure your rights are protected.

Consumer Proposals bankruptcy Debt relief Toronto

Consumer Proposals

Filing a Consumer Proposal allows you to settle your debts at a fraction of what is owed without filing bankruptcy. Keep your assets, income tax…

Consumer Proposals bankruptcy Debt relief Toronto

Credit Counselling

Credit counselling can provide you with the knowledge and skills to empower you to manage your finances and eliminate debt. In situations where there is…

Consumer Proposals bankruptcy Debt relief Toronto


Bankruptcy should be regarded as a last resort to eliminate debt.  But for many it may be the solution to their financial crisis. In fact,…

Consumer Proposals bankruptcy Debt relief Toronto

Law Suits and Tax Collections

Law suits and Tax Collections can be immensely stressful. Creditors can sue in court for the recovery of amounts owing.  The judgment received in court…

Why Choose Us?

Rusinek & Associates Inc LIT is a smaller firm with a personal touch, but we are large enough to handle complex situations.

We have helped tens of thousands of people from Toronto to Oshawa to Brampton and Mississauga and beyond to regain control, get a fresh start and finally bring an end to the financial stress.

We have five offices to serve you, with our head office conveniently located in Scarborough. We can also meet with you online via Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, or other video means.

There is no need to struggle on your own.  Relief is just a phone call away…

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Government Licensed Insolvency Trustee

Rusinek & Associates Inc LIT is a Government Licensed Insolvency Trustee, licensed by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB) since 1991. The OSB licenses and regulates the insolvency profession; supervises the administration of estates in bankruptcy, commercial reorganizations,…

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Protection From Creditors

We ensure your rights are protected. We provide legal protection From creditors, including protection from the CRA. Unlike many larger firms, we do not act as agents for banks (receivers). At Rusinek & Associates Inc LIT, we can bring an…

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Money Savings

Money savings is one of the key topics that we will explore with you. To that end, we never charge extra or unnecessary fees. We will show you how much you can save with us. Saving you money is what…


Total Dollars Settled


Free Consultations

What People Say about us

Real people.  Real Talk.

We go the extra mile to make sure things go as smoothly as humanly possible.

When visiting our main office, please ask to look at a few of the many “thank you” cards we’ve received from people who have had the stress lifted from their lives.

As I mentioned in our first meeting you have a special gift of making one feel so comfortable and at ease.
This process has been very emotional and embarrassing for me and I can’t thank you enough for your support and helping me get through it.
I apologize if I embarrassed you with my hugs of gratitude which I realize was very unprofessional of me but I guess my emotions got the best of me!
Hope to talk to you soon
Sincere thanks.   Pauline
(Copied from a ‘Thank You’ Card received at our office)

Meet the team

Our knowledgeable and friendly team is happy to help guide you toward debt-freedom.

Toronto Debt expert Jacques Rusinek

Licensed in 1999, Jojo is the acting-president of Rusinek & Associates Inc.

Prior to becoming a bankruptcy trustee, he was in the health care field where he helped his patients toward optimal health.

Now, he helps people struggling with debt to become debt-free and on the path to optimal financial health.

Over the years, he has helped thousands to rid themselves of excessive debt.



Dr. Jacques (Jojo) Rusinek LITLicensed Insolvency Trustee
Patrick Bloomfield CIRP LIT Toronto expert

Patrick Bloomfield completed his undergraduate degree at York University in Toronto and earned his trustee license in 1996.  Since that time, Patrick has earned a reputation as a caring and helpful trustee, eager to assist individuals, business owners and families to get a fresh financial start.

Patrick Bloomfield LIT, CIRPLicensed Insolvency Trustee
Toronto Bankruptcy Trustee and Consumer proposal administrator

Erika is a licensed debt counsellor.  She is a valued member of the team, and has been helping people in this capacity for over 20 years.  She has helped countless individuals and families to navigate their way toward financial security and financial stability.

She is fluent in English and Hungarian.  Her straightforward, no-nonsense compassionate approach is a rare find these days.

Erika HorvathCertified Insolvency Counsellor
Rusinek & Associates Inc Toronto Debt Experts

Margaret has been with our firm for over two decades and has proven herself to be not only tremendously loyal, but extremely helpful to the firm and to individuals seeking help.

Margaret is fluent in English and Polish.  She has amassed a great deal of knowledge over the years and is always eager to help individuals to learn to become debt free.

Margaret KameckaSenior Administrator (photo coming soon)

Consumer Proposal and Bankruptcy FAQs

Answers to common questions regarding Consumer Proposals, Bankruptcies and Other Options to become debt-free, whether you live in Toronto or anywhere across Ontario.

Limitations Act | Is it true that debts over 2 years old disappear?

Short answer:  No. The Ontario Limitations Act, in lay-terms, basically says that for most debt, a creditor must start legal proceedings to recover amounts owing within two years of default (within two years of the last payment made). If a…

Will a bankruptcy or consumer proposal affect my spouse?

Marriage –or living common-law—does not create an obligation by your spouse to pay your bills. So you do not have to worry that your spouse will be affected by you going forward with us. But… If your spouse—or anyone else—cosigned…

My bankruptcy was essentially free. How?

Low-cost (or 'no-cost') bankruptcy happens periodically.  Sometimes these so-called 'free bankruptcies' can be a pleasant surprise. It doesn't always happen, but in your case we were delighted to be able to give you the good news!  In fact, I recall…

What about child support arrears? Student Loan Debt?

Child support is a special obligation that is not discharged through either bankruptcy filing or proposal filing.  In other words, if you owe child support, it will survive.  In fact, child support payments and garnishments of income (seizure of income)…

How much will it cost to get rid of my debt?

In a bankruptcy, if your income is low and you have few assets, and your situation is straightforward (simple bankruptcy without a need to go to court), then it is possible to pay less than $75 / month for 18…

I owe income tax. Will it go away?

Tax debt is dischargeable (it will go away) in bankruptcies and proposals.  Canada Revenue Agency will settle on tax debt that is owing! If you owe HST as a self-employed person, this debt will also 'go away'. It is important…

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