My bankruptcy was essentially free. How?

Low-cost (or ‘no-cost’) bankruptcy happens periodically.  Sometimes these so-called ‘free bankruptcies’ can be a pleasant surprise.

It doesn’t always happen, but in your case we were delighted to be able to give you the good news!  In fact, I recall that you made small monthly payments through your bankruptcy.  When we finalized the administration, we were able to return all GST credits that the government sent to us.

In your case, the GST we returned to you was actually more that what you had paid, so you got all of your money back, and then some!  And your debt was eliminated too.

For many people that have low income, we can work with you to make sure your payments are easily affordable.  And in some cases, we can return some or all of the payments when we close the file.

Contact us to find out if you may qualify for a low-cost (or ‘no-cost’) bankruptcy.

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