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Law Suits and Tax Collections

Law suits and Tax Collections can be immensely stressful. Creditors can sue in court for the recovery of amounts owing.  The judgment received in court can be used to seize income or assets.

A writ or lien can be placed on title of real estate by a judgment creditor or CRA, preventing a sale or refinancing of a home.

The Canada Revenue Agency doesn’t need to obtain a court order to seize income or lien a home.  The CRA has the power and the law behind it to do this at any time.

Filing a Consumer Proposal or a Bankruptcy will bring a halt to collections and legal activity to recover most debt.  A consumer proposal will even stop the CRA.

Canada Revenue Agency cannot place a lien on your home once you have filed with us, but if you delay and they place a lien on your home, there is nothing anyone can do to remove it, and it will remain until the house is sold or they are paid in full with interest.  So it is very important to take action before it is too late.

With very few exceptions, law suits to recover debt, garnishments of income and landlord evictions are halted too.

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