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Rapid Reply or we buy you lunch!—Limited Time Only

We understand how stressful living with debt can be.

Stress makes everything seem gloomy.  Dark days and no motivation.

Health can suffer.  Sleep becomes difficult.

Relationships become strained; work suffers. 

We want to help lift this stress.  And we don’t want you to wait to feel better.  We want to provide immediate solutions.

So until September 30 2023, we are offering a 30-minute call back guarantee.

Here Is the Guarantee: 

If we do not respond to you within 30 minutes of you contacting us between the hours of 9 am – 9 pm, we will give you a $10 Tim Horton’s Gift Card when you attend at our office for your initial consultation (you cannot currently be in a proposal or bankruptcy and you must complete the confidential form that is used only to review your financial situation). 

Who said there’s no free lunch?

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About Author

Dr. Jacques Rusinek LIT

Dr. Jacques Rusinek LIT

Dr Jacques (Jojo) Rusinek LIT was licensed in 1999 as a trustee in bankruptcy (now called Licensed Insolvency Trustee). He has helped thousands of people to become debt-free.

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