Will my employer find out about a consumer proposal or bankruptcy?

Your employer will not be advised of a bankruptcy or proposal filing.  In fact, no one–other than your creditors, Canada Revenue Agency and the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy–will receive notification from us.

If your employment requires that you are bondable (if you deal in negotiables–cheques or cash–or if you a security guard for a bank etc., ), then you may have reporting requirements based on your employment contract, but we do not contact the employer.

Some professions may be impacted by filing bankruptcy such as those in the legal or accounting professions, or mortgage and insurance brokers including those who are licensed through the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.  We can discuss options to ensure your employment is unaffected.  But in all of these examples, we do not contact the employer.

If your wages are being seized by a creditor when you come to meet with us, we will have to serve notice to your employer in order to bring a halt to the garnishment (seizure of income).



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